Thursday, January 31, 2008

A running list of things only an African living in Zimbabwe for the past five years would say

While watching American Idol auditions: what happened to Norah Jones? She is dead?

While experiencing Tivo for the first time: you mean you can skip the commercials and the parts you don’t like? (five seconds of silence) That is beautiful, man.

When learning about presidential endorsements: who should care if Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movies is supporting that old man with the health problems?

When asked if he’s ever had Macadamia nuts: Are they tree nuts? We don’t have tree nuts, only ground nuts.

When offered a choice between Bud light and a pale ale: Light beer takes too much work for me to feel good.

Upon eating dinner prepared in 45 minutes: When did you start making this feast? You started on Sunday?

On Barrack Obama’s bid for the White House: He really should think about a name change, otherwise I do not see him getting very far.

Upon learning Barrack’s middle name was Hussein: This man is in real trouble.


Ryan Smith said...

I love Jefuremu.

Jay Z said...

Is this post sourced, in any way, by that one guy you and your family were trying to help a couple of years ago? Wasn't that you?

Jeff Rudnicki said...

Yeah, Jefuremu in the states for the next two months. Perfectly described by Ryan as "the coolest guy I know".

Mike LeGower said...

Oh man, Jefuremu said all of those things? That's awesome. I thought this was just sort of random.

Guest blogger?