Thursday, January 24, 2008

The All Tecmo Super Bowl Team

I recently purchased a PS3, and in the midst of the HD coma I got from playing, I got a touch of nostalgia. So let me take you back to the golden age of video games…to an old classic….Tecmo Super Bowl. If you have never played Tecmo Super Bowl get help, or go to the variety of online sites which are dedicated to it (I think you can play on your computer if you like). Briefly, among the things the game introduced to the world of video game football were: a season mode, full statistics, and injuries. So without further ado I present the...

The All Tecmo Super Bowl Team


QB: Randall Cunningham (PHL)- aka QB Eagles. Before there was the Vick roll-out and lob to Brian Finneran, there was Randall to Fred Barnett. I go with Randall here for his all around game. He could give you an 80 yard run or a 106 yard pass; no other QB of this era had those kind of wheels, the definition of versatility.

Back-up QB: Dan Marino (MIA): By far the strongest arm in the game. That offense was tough to stop. Jim Kelly and the K-gun got consideration here as well.

RB: Barry Sanders (DET)- He was nearly unstoppable. The only player in the game that could score a touchdown, when your opponent picked the right play. Enough said.

RB: Bo Jackson (LA)- The perfect back. Could break tackles and zig-zag it 90 yards. He and Marcus Allen made a tough choice for an opponent combo. Barry Word and Christian Okoye got some consideration here as well, but there’s a reason that to this day people ask Bo to autograph their Tecmo Super Bowl cartridges.

WR: Jerry Rice/John Taylor (SF)- Just not fair. The B-and-Left play to Rice is borderline cheating; it’s the Tecmo version of the NHL ’93 wrap-around.

WR: Stephen Baker (NYG)- The Touchdown Maker! Little known player in the game, but he would always come down with the cut scene Phil Sims high pass.

WR: Mark Duper (MIA)- Close call, but Duper over Art Monk and Louis Lipps…to be it’s honest cause Marino is sick. Louis Lipps did however, make the all-name team.

Offense Honorable Mention: The entire Houston Oilers Offense, Christian Okoye and Barry Word, Thurman Thomas, Louis Lipps, Art Monk, John Elway, Joe Montana, Flipper Anderson, Chris Carter, Ernest Byner, and Don “The Magic Man” Mackowski.


DL: Jerry Ball (DET): How many nose guards can drop 70 yards into coverage, pick it off and run it back? God I love this game.

DL: Howie Long (LA): Before there was Chris, there was Howie. He could not be blocked…at all.

DL: Reggie White (PHL): See above. By the way, RIP. (Remember when Reggie got really offensive? And you know what's even worse then that, them plain midgets? Is those really tall midgets you see walking around...)

DL Leonard Marshall (NYG): Could not be tackled when he recovered a fumble. It was incredible…LT would force the fumble and Marshall would return it for a TD. Players would just go flying all over the place. Classic bruiser-mode player.

LB: Mike Singletary(CHI): Could do it all, stop the run, run with receivers, and get the QB. The only thing he can’t do is get a head coaching job.

LB: Lawrence Taylor (NYG): You could fool him on the play fake and he would still hit the QB and go back and tackle the receiver 80 yards up field. It was the crack...he could hardly stand still...

LB Derrick Thomas(KC): He was the exact same thing as LT…I don’t even think they changed the programming for him. Another RIP, by the way.

CB: Rod Woodson(PIT): He was the only way the Bubby Brister led Steelers could score in that game

CB: Darrell Green (Wsh): Part of a great defense that generated lots of points. Unreal speed, had to be the fastest in the game.

FS: Ronnie Lott (SF): Was a great player on the best team in the game.

SS: Carnell Lake (PIT): Pretty much all the Steelers had going for them was that D. I need a Carnell Lake jersey, by the way. (I know someone else belongs here…but Carnell Lake deserves the shout out).

Defense Honorable Mention: Jerome Brown (another R.I.P... geez), Seth Joyner…what a great Eagles Defense, Pepper Johnson, Bill Romanowski, Donnell Woolford, John Offradahl, David Little, Charles Haley, Bruce Smith, and Hardy Nickerson (all name team too).


Wilson said...

At least you were wise enough to mention Jim Kelly, and thus spare yourself my wrath. . .I actually played this game only sparingly. I think I was just a little too young.

Jeff Rudnicki said...

That entire Oilers offense was ridiculous. Country Slaughter was the truth.

Jay Z said...

Indeed on the Oilers offense. Of course, I didn't use the entire offense. I immediately switched Earnest Givens to the wide-out bomb position, took the shot-gun, waited until I was just about to get sacked and let it fly for a touchdown, nearly every time. Love me some Moon to Givens.

Michael said...

Go Eagles! I have "Arkansas" Fred Barnett's autograph somewhere...