Monday, January 28, 2008

Both Mike Freeman and Ernie Accorsi are Crazy

See here.

"Manning is a winner," continued Accorsi, who is an avid sports historian and baseball fan. "He had proven that in a host of games before this run. Why do we determine whether pitchers belong in the Hall of Fame based on games won but that is not an ingredient of the QB rating? In my opinion, the QB has much more of an influence on the outcome of a game than the starting pitcher. With six minutes left in the fourth quarter, Eli can't turn the game over to Mariano Rivera. He has to finish the game."

"What difference does it make what we gave up?" Accorsi continued. "You better be right about the QB, but if you are, you can't overpay for a great QB and we think he's going to be a great QB. What would you give up for Elway? What would you give for Montana or Unitas? Just like you can't overpay a great player. Can you overpay for Mays or DiMaggio? That's all fodder."


"We didn't get Merriman," Accorsi said, "we led the league in sacks. Osi is better anyway."

And as far as we know Umenyiora never failed a performance-enhancing drug test the way Merriman has.

"These are the facts, in the fourth year the kid has us in the Super Bowl," said Accorsi. "He had a chance under adverse conditions on the road to win the game to get in the Super Bowl and he did it. The other guy didn't. Very simple. All the other arguments are just reasons to fill air time."


I actually disagree with EVERYTHING Accorsi says. If I was his boss, I'd fire him tomorrow if he believes this nonsense, since it seems like he's dumbfucked his way to a Super Bowl. There's so much I could say about this post, but I won't bother. I'm not Ken Tremendous, and I won't pretend to be.

By the way, I would trade Eli Manning for Shawne Merriman straight up.


Also, Adam Jones??? Go O's.


Srikant Narasimhan said...

like i wrote before i think that eli is better than rivers, and both are worse than rothlesberger. i think people get a little short sighted though because Eli is there now. i think its silly to say that eli takes over games in the 4th, he doesnt...not at all. its funny how people are on the eli bandwagon when earlier this year they were ready to crucify him...if he beats the pats, i will listen to the "Eli is great" talk...not until then.

Ryan Smith said...

Crazy indeed. One of the best quotes from Accorsi in the whole column (and there are a bunch of 'em): "People who dwell on statistics in football, just cling to them because they can't evaluate QBs." Yeah, stupid statistics, always getting in the way when we're trying to evaluate shit. I'M ERNIE ACCORSI!!! I SIGN MY NAME WITH AN 'X'!!!

And when Freeman called Eli a "better winner" than Roethlisberger... well, Sunday wil answer that question. Until then, Eli is not even as good a "winner" as Mark Rypien.

I would trade Eli Manning for Cooper Manning, straight up.