Friday, February 1, 2008

Where were you on that one, Cantwell?!

Man, I wish I was a U.S. senator. To be such a factor in the shaping of domestic and foreign policy would be, you know, cool. Cruising around in motorcades, slapping interns asses, all of this would be great. But more importantly, I would finally have the national podium and microphone from which to blast those cold-hearted, nefarious conspirators known to the general public as NFL executives. I mean, they clearly robbed my beloved Seahawks of their fair chance at a Superbowl championship, and Senators Cantwell and Murray did NOTHING. I guess that's what you get when you elect women to high level public office.* I mean, what are their core issues? Labor? Energy?!?! Come on. It takes an old pro like Arlen Specter to truly understand his constituents' needs, hopes, and dreams. Which is why, I'm sure, he his raising this ever so pressing issue to the forefront. Frankly, I wasn't even aware this had occurred. I mean, I immediately saw its antitrust implications, and the harm to the consumer it most certainly caused. But more importantly, it highlights the fact that the NFL robbed a shiny set of Superbowl rings from, like my Seahawks, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Okay, enough of that. Seriously? Really? I mean, in the words of The West Wing's Leo McGarry: "We're going to make a federal case out of this? I mean, we're LITERALLY going to make a federal case out of this?" I also love how, while his first letters are dated Nov. 15th, and Dec. 19th, he went public with it 2 DAYS BEFORE THE SUPERBOWL. Is he struggling to get re-elected? I strongly doubt it, he's one of the most powerful Senators. Is he just that big of a fan? What the hell?

Honestly, he's reconsidering the NFL's exemption from antitrust laws. BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY HANDLED SPYGATE. Does he just, every 3 months, google ___-gate, see what comes up, and determine it's ridden with federal law breaking? I'm not saying the NFL's antitrust exemption shouldn't be reevaluated. I have no idea. But because of Spygate? Oh, he says he's been reconsidering it for sometime, but this is what makes him decide to go public with his thoughts???

This does say something about Eagles fans though. Man.

*I, of course, do not believe that this is what happens when you elect a woman to high level public office. I am honored to be one of the few states with 2 female Senators. We rock, as do women more powerful than I. Plus, Maria Cantwell's, like, the hottest Senator there is (which is, of course, not saying much). ZING!

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