Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stupidly Deep Post about Orioles and M's

This trade is almost happening. It is obviously great news for the O's, because they get Adam Jones, which is worth more than the entire package the Twins got for Johan. Most experts I've seen would have him between 6-10 on the top 100 prospect lists if he were eligible. Chris Tillman is supposedly a heckuva prospect himself, if a young kid.

But I ask one question to the many, many O's fans on this blog. George Sherrill? WTF? I read this point somewhere else, but it's worth restating. Why would a team that is trying to contend trade away a good 30 year old left handed reliever who throws 40 innings a year. . .and why would a team that is rebuilding even think about acquiring such a guy? Do you think they are going to flip him to another team? If not, he's just going to eat up innings from some young kid who's looking for a tryout. This seems incredibly retarded, from both sides.

I just thought I would bring this up, to make sure that the O's fans and the Mariner's fan on this blog doesn't get TOO happy about this trade. These teams are still doing something head scratchingly weird.

Maybe you all have some thoughts, about George Sherrill, who represents a great pickup in holds leagues. Or maybe you're just like, what the hell Wilson, you are writing about a marginal left handed relief pitcher in February! Get a life! And then I'm like, shut up!

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