Friday, February 1, 2008

Cruelty extends beyond the blog...

I just hit the quarter century mark, and for some reason got a strangely cruel round of birthday wishes. Here are the 5 best I got from friends and family, who will remain anonymous:

5. So it’s your birthday...what, so you want a cookie?

4. 25, huh? Always imagined you would be living with your folks getting fat off cereal at 25. Give it 5 years.

3. When i was 25 I had two PhDs, what do you have? (Ok, I’ll cheat; this one was from my father...).

2. 25? Given your habits, and vices...are you having a mid-life crisis?

1. Happy Birthday, and by birthday I mean day you were spawned and wrought hellish misery down upon everyone in your life...

Sheesh…so much for people being nice to you on your birthday!

I echo Wilson's sentiments: Please read down, the other posts are terrific.

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