Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Atrocity


Even though such luminaries as Namath, Tarkenton, MOON, Fouts, and Griese make appearances, one name is mysteriously and conspicuously missing from this extremely strange list of candidates.

I am literally ANGRY with rage over this.


Mike LeGower said...

If you're going to quote Futurama, go all out, man. "It's an atrocimosy!"

zadecky said...

I agree...it is messed up. Phil Simms wasn't that good.

Srikant Narasimhan said...

Who are you mad didnt make it? Jim Kelly? Don't know I agree. He was great, but seriously the 4 SB losses in a row alway hurt, and Reich has the rights to the most famous bills playoff game in history (the oilers game) but does it really matter the top 10 are there anyway:
1) Brady
2) Montana
3) Manning
4) Elway
5) Marino
6) Farve
7) Unitas
8) Graham
9) Starr
10) Bradshaw

The rest is kinda moot.

Wilson said...

One of these "tally the superbowls and then rank in order" guys eh? I can't agree. At least you had the good sense not to put Griese on your list but I cannot understand why he's left off a list that includes Montana, Brady, Starr and Bradshaw.

zadecky said...

When I played basketball in high school, I was amazing in the jv games and practice. My defense was stifling, I nailed every pass, every shot, etc.

But when I'd get in a varsity game, when it really really mattered, my I'd freeze up and choke. I am not considered one of the great basketball players from my high school...go figure.

Jay Z said...

HAHAHA. Zadecky, that was one of the most poorly executed analogies of all time. How about the 4 year star of one of the best HS basketball teams in the state, that made it to the championship all four years, but just lost? Oh, wait, that's not an analogy, that's the situation. Well anyway, that guy? He went on the NCAA Div I and plays in the NBA. Either way, leading a team to 4 superbowl appearances in a row is AMAZING. Who else did that? What guys on that list? He's judged on those 4 games only? They discount everything else he did AWESOMELY?

Jay Z said...

I just don't understand how 4 SUPERBOWL losses in a row "hurt" you. You made it to the superbowl 4 TIMES IN A ROW.

zadecky said...

it wasn't meant to make sense....i'm from pittsburgh and we pittsburgher rarely make sense...i'm just happy that i can read and write...anyway, it was meant to make a bills fan angrier than he already is....we're not big fans of buffalo so, funny or not, i'm going to continually kick a bills fan when he's down